Stacy London Is Having a Wile Time

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Stacy London has become a menopause expert. The stylist and TV host co-founded the State of Menopause women’s health brand in 2021, created the Menopause CEO summit, and just announced a new advisory role at menopause wellness company Wile.

“Wile caught my attention because I thought what they were doing was really interesting,” London says. “I love that they were taking on the big feelings associated, not just with menopause, but midlife. What a lot of people think is a midlife crisis really does boil down to external stressors.”

London originally invited Wile co-founder and CEO Gwendolyn Floyd to speak at a State of Menopause summit and their relationship grew from there. 

London, 54, says she’s relied on Wile products to help her through The Change, especially when it comes to supporting her emotional health. “One of the issues that I experienced in perimenopause was really extreme anxiety—there was nothing that could calm me down in the moment that wasn’t medical,” she says. That’s why London started using Wile’s Un-Worry Tincture ($24.99, “It’s probably my favorite,” she says. “I did not want to be on any of the medications that are usually and very frequently prescribed for anxiety. This would take the edge off for me immediately.”

The tincture features herbal ingredients like reishi, holy basil and brahmi to help lower feelings of stress. London also reaches for the brand’s Burnout Relief ($24.99, and Un-Anger tinctures ($24.99, Burnout Relief uses bacopa root, ashwagandha root, and reishi to help with signs of burnout, while Un-Anger features lavender, milk thistle, and kava to try to help reduce feelings of irritation.

“They’re about taking the edge off,” London says. “My patience got really thin and I was like, ‘If I just take a couple of drops in my daily beverage, I’m a little calmer.’” 

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