Veterans’ health administration expands deployment of Mikroscan Systems

Mikroscan Technologies, innovators and manufacturers of live robotic microscopy and whole-slide imaging (WSI) systems, announces that it has expanded its relationship with the Veterans’ Administration through the multi-system sale of its SL5-20 Real-Time Telemicroscopy and Digital Pathology systems.

The sale builds on Mikroscan’s existing presence within the Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA) system, which has been using the company’s SL5 systems to provide remote pathology services for several years.

We are pleased to see our relationship with the VHA grow. The administration has experienced first-hand the many benefits of our digital pathology systems, such as increased efficiency and lower costs for its pathologists, as well as faster, more accurate results for its thousands of members in need of pathology services.They made an informed purchase decision based on years of proven ROI.”

Martin Stuart, President and CEO, Mikroscan.

The systems have been purchased for use in the Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Services division within the VISN22 Desert Pacific Healthcare Network. It is one of the most diversified tertiary health care providers in the VHA and boasts one of the largest and most diverse patient populations within the VHA system.

To ensure security across such a large network, the VHA routinely assesses cybersecurity and system-specific risks at the manufacturer level, an approval process that Mikroscan’s systems had previously undergone. This prior certification is another critical factor in the administration’s decision to expand its relationship with the company.

Because Mikroscan’s systems are used for important research and to remotely share and access sensitive information, we take cybersecurity very seriously. The fact that our technology is consistent with VA policies and standards further demonstrates our commitment in this area. We have always striven to make installing and using our systems as easy and risk-free as possible for any institution, ultimately allaying typical concerns of IT departments.”

Andy Hooks, Director of IT and Information Security, Mikroscan.

The VHA began deployment of the new systems in early 2023.


Mikroscan Technologies

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