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If there’s one beauty product we couldn’t live without, it would have to be concealer. Few things can’t be solved with an application of concealer, a wonder product that manages to hide all our sins. From the breakouts that result from lockdown-induced stress eating to the dark circles that loom large under the eyes from lack of sleep, concealer can do it all. As for the latter, few things are more frustrating than staring into your reflection in the morning and seeing those deep bags that seem to be a permanent fixture to our faces in 2021. But if this one TikTok hack proves anything, an instant eye lift is just minutes away depending on how you apply your concealer. 

It turns out, concealer does more than conceal and even out skin tone. Depending on where you place your product, alli c you can even completely change the look of your face. As Megha Singh demonstrates, if you’ve got a makeup sponge handy and a concealer that is two shades fairer than your complexion, you can give yourself an instant eye lift. 

Singh applies the concealer in a triangle near the outer corner of her eye, as well as next to her mouth, nostril and underneath her cheekbones. Using the beauty blender, she then blends the product out. To help with the exaggerated eye lift, Singh is also careful to only use upward motions when applying the product. The result is pretty remarkable and you don’t even need to read for powder, as you essentially want the natural highlight from the concealer to show off this area. 

Of course, if makeup isn’t quite your thing, there may be some natural remedies or things you can look into when it comes to dark circles around your eyes. The most common causes are lack of sleep and genetics, but things like allergies, excessive alcohol consumption and ageing can also result in dark circles, while more serious conditions like anemia or iron deficiency may also be responsible. At home, things like a cold compress can help reduce swelling, while some even swear by applying cold tea bags to your eyes to improve their appearance. 

Given the uncertainty that continues to surround our lives as a result of the global pandemic and the ever-changing restrictions that have seen us have to adapt and change, it goes without saying that anything that brings a little clarity and rest to our shellshocked expressions is a blessing. We’ll be sure to try this one out before the next office zoom call. 

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