Medical emergency observation unit reduces length of stay and raises patient satisfaction

It’s a quandary facing many busy emergency departments (EDs) across the country: how to treat young patients who require emergency care and a brief stay, while reserving limited inpatient beds for the most acute cases. In winter, when respiratory cases compound the rising patient census, limited resources are stretched even thinner. In one urban ED that sees approximately 12,000 pediatric […]

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Biomarkers of brain function may lead to clinical tests for hidden hearing loss

A pair of biomarkers of brain function—one that represents “listening effort,” and another that measures ability to process rapid changes in frequencies—may help to explain why a person with normal hearing may struggle to follow conversations in noisy environments, according to a new study led by Massachusetts Eye and Ear researchers. Published online last week in the scientific journal eLife, […]

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Philips CTO outlines ethical guidelines for AI in healthcare

The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in healthcare is poised to expand significantly over the next few years, but beyond the investment strategies and technological foundations lie serious questions around the ethical and responsible use of AI. In an effort to clarify its own position and add to the debate, the executive vice president and chief technology […]

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