Actually Awesome Hostess Gifts You Can Pick Up at Costco

Hosting parties is a lot of work, so we always like to bring a token of our appreciation for whoever is throwing the party in question. Hey, someone else hosting means that not only do we not have to cook but that we also don’t have to deal with the dreaded post-party cleanup.

We like to bring edible gifts and cute gifts that can be used in the home or while entertaining. Cookies, chocolates, nuts, and serving ware all fit the bill. We also like things that are packaged in a gift box or tin do that the hostess doesn’t feel obligated to share with the party guests, something that can happen if you simply bring a bottle of wine to the party.

If you don’t already have a go-to hostess gift you like to bring to parties, take a look at the selection below – you just might find a favorite.

David’s Cookies Decadent Triple Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cookies

These chocolate peanut butter cookie tins come two to a package, so you’ll have gifts for two hostesses with one purchase.

David’s Cookies Butter Pecan Meltaways

Pop one of these butter pecan cookies in your mouth, and they practically melt.

Decoy Two Bottle Wine Gift Crate

Available in California, this luxe gift basket features two bottles of Decoy wine, two fancy Riedel wine glasses, and a variety of gourmet snacks.

Gourmet Mixed Nut Decorative Jar

This jumbo serving of fancy mixed nuts (no peanuts here!) comes in a decorative glass jar.

Fitz and Floyd Yuletide Holiday Serveware

Any host would be happy to serve their food on this duo of decorative platters.

Hadley Pitted Deglet Noor Dates

This 3.5 pound container holds California-grown dates that are large, chewy, creamy, and sweet. Think of them as nature’s caramel.

Mesa Bamboo and Metal Tray Set

This tray would look lovely perched on a coffee table or a large ottoman – and it can even be separated into two trays for more flexibility.

Paperwhite in White Ceramic Pot

Paperwhite narcissus flowers, which bloom in the winter, are a classic holiday gift. Plant-loving party hosts can use this kit to grow their own fragrant blossoms.

Reindeer Chow Holiday Popcorn

A festive tin of “reindeer chow” holiday popcorn snack mix will put a smile on any harried hostess’ face.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Party Pack Assortment

Chocolate lovers will swoon at this gift assortment of chocolate-covered snacks.

Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels

Each of the two containers of dark chocolate sea salt caramels that come in this set weigh more than two pounds.

San Francisco Bay Organic Rainforest Blend Whole Bean Coffee

If your hostess is a coffee lover, treat them to a bag (or two) of organic, whole bean coffee.

Vacaville Fruit Company Dried Nut & Fruit Wooden Tray

This massive selection of dried fruit includes classics like dried apricots and roasted and salted pistashios, along with new favorites like dried Angelino plums and white peaches. Even better, it comes in a hand-made wooden tray.

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