Alicia Keys’ ‘Keys Soulcare’ Headed to Ulta

At the brand church of Alicia Keys, there are no products — only “offerings.”

“I don’t resonate with the word ‘products,’ I call them ‘offerings,’” Keys said in a virtual launch event for her new beauty line, Keys Soulcare, on Wednesday night. “I want to call them things that are enhancing our wellness, who we want to be, and how we get there.”

Keys was joined by Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer at E.l.f. Beauty, and president of Keys Soulcare, to introduce the brand’s first product: the Sage + Oat Milk Candle launching in December. The brand’s reasoning behind its launches, which will first include the candle and two other skin-care stockkeeping units in December, is the idea of ritual, and beauty as a path to mindfulness.

“Beauty is more about frequency, vibrations and energy and how you feel,” Keys said, emphasizing the four pillars of the brand as mind, body, spirit and connection. “So, Keys Soulcare is paying attention to that side inside of you, and we’re here to guide and support each other. At its core, Keys Soulcare is about knowing that you are enough, and that’s something I struggle with.”

Keys said her lifestyle-oriented approach to beauty started after dealing with her own problematic skin. “It comes from personal experiences and struggles connecting to my skin,” Keys said. “I’ve experienced struggles with my own skin. I came in the game so young, and it took some time to find the time to know myself and really listen to it. Beauty is what comes from the heart, spirit and soul.”

During the event, Marchisotto revealed Ulta Beauty as the brand’s retail partner. “Ulta Beauty is America’s premiere beauty destination and the largest beauty retailer in the U.S. They’re an important key to sharing and spreading light to so many and our values are perfectly in sync,” Marchisotto said.

Ulta Beauty chief executive officer Mary Dillon also joined the virtual event. “It’s no surprise [Keys’] skills, passion and dedication translated so beautifully into this brand,” Dillon said. “We’ve immediately felt a connection between our brands, as we believe beauty can and should empower everyone, inside and out.”

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