This Gorgeous Ring Doubles as a Tiny Palette for Your Makeup and Nail Polish

I try not to buy more than what I need, but damn, am I a sucker for shiny things. While late-night scrolling through Instagram the other night, I stopped dead in my tracks to ogle a video of an oval-shaped gold ring I figured I'd never buy, but then something unexpected happened: the person wearing it poured nail polish into one of its small circular divots and used it as a tiny palette for their nail-art brushes. I'd never clicked on the "read more" button faster because I had to know where they got it. That post was from nail artist Betina Goldstein, who is actually the designer of the ring — and yes, she made it specifically to use as a palette.

The ring, made by Goldstein's Doublemoss Arte brand, is called the Artist Palette Ring. Alongside this ring, Doubelmoss also offers luxury-grade detailing brushes that can be used for nail art or makeup. “I launched Doublemoss Arte to redefine what beauty art tools should be,” Goldstein tells Allure via a press release. “Being an editorial nail artist for the past nine years, you can imagine that I use nail-art brushes and cosmetic tools every day. I found myself frequently replacing my nail art brushes and tools due to the lesser quality of the materials used to create them; The constant exposure to varnish and harsh solvents like acetone would deteriorate my brushes and palettes within a couple of uses."

Crafted from solid brass, Goldstein's iterations of beauty tools are designed not just to be longer-lasting than their traditional counterparts, but a helluva lot more pleasing to look at. “I wanted artists to feel confident that their tools are there to support their creations, not get in the way, while also making them feel special while using them,” she explains. 

Though the Artist Palette Ring was made with professional nail and makeup artists in mind, beauty lovers at home who are sick of using the back of their hands to mix products could get some major use out of this tool — and it's so pretty that I wouldn't judge anyone for buying it just to wear around and admire.

Goldstein says she plans to keep expanding her luxury tool selection, but in the meantime, you can visit to purchase the Artist Palette Ring, $96. It's adjustable and can fit US ring sizes four to 11. Goldstein also designs more standard jewelry with Doublemoss Jewelry, which you can check out here.

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