Researchers develop potent and specific compounds to curb cancer growth

Proteasomes are protein-degrading complexes that are important for cancer cell survival. Proteasome inhibitors are commonly used to treat diseases such as multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma. Proteasomes have three different active sites but all current FDA-approved inhibitors preferentially target only one active site, known as β5. Despite their success, these drugs have significant limitations including severe side effects and […]

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Paternal alcohol consumption prior to conception can have a negative effect on fetal development

Reviewed Researchers at Texas A&M University have already shown that paternal drinking habits prior to conception can have a negative effect on fetal development -; with semen from men who regularly consume alcohol impacting placenta development, fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS)-associated brain and facial defects, and even IVF outcomes. In an article published this month in Andrology, the lab of Dr. […]

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Pfizer expects to complete purchase of Seagen on Thursday

Pfizer announced Tuesday that it expects to complete this week its $43 billion acquisition of cancer-focused biotech company Seagen after clearing key regulatory hurdles. “Pfizer and Seagen have now received all required regulatory approvals,” Pfizer said in a news release that reported a key US antitrust waiting period had expired. “Pfizer expects to close the acquisition of Seagen on December […]

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