A Woman Told Her Family That Her Step-Sister's Fiancé Propositioned Her & Reddit Is Shocked

I’m usually here for some wedding-related drama, but this story from a stressed-out Redditor is way more upsetting than your standard pettiness. The Reddit user in question took to the /AmITheAsshole Subreddit for some insight into a nightmare situation: Apparently, she was propositioned by her step-sister’s fiancé, and when she told her family what happened, she was chastised for “ruining” the wedding.

For context, the AITA Redditor (28F) has a step-sister, Jen (29F). “Our parents got together when we were teenagers, and Jen and I never clicked,” she wrote in her original post. “I have nothing against her, we just aren’t close.”

In her early 20s, she worked at her step-dad’s company alongside Jen, who still does. There, she befriended a male colleague named Pete, whom people joked was always into her. “I never saw him like that and he never said anything so I didn’t pay much attention to the possibility,” she recalled. “However, when I started dating my now-husband, things got a bit awkward with Pete. When I quit my job, and Pete and I didn’t really stay in contact, but we followed each other on social media. It was a few months later that I saw on Pete’s social media that he had started seeing Jen.”

Fast-forward to the present day: Jen and Pete are engaged, and Jen and the Redditor’s parents have agreed to finance the entire wedding. That was all well and good up until a recent interaction between Pete and the Reddit user at a different wedding of a former colleague.

“Pete was a little over-friendly at the reception, which I put down to alcohol,” OP wrote. “Later in the evening though, I was outside getting some air and Pete came out and basically propositioned me. I made it clear I was extremely uncomfortable and went back inside.”

Yikes. Naturally, this presented an ethical quandary for our poor Redditor, who felt obligated to tell her step-sister about her fiancé’s shitty, creepy behavior.

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