Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn Turns 17 & Her Birthday Photos Prove She's Just as Stunning as Her Mom

The late Anna Nicole Smith was jaw-droppingly beautiful, and it seems she’s passed those genes to her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead. In new birthday photos that span her 17 years, Dannielynn looks absolutely stunning.

Her dad, Larry Birkhead, shared a video to Instagram today made up of photos of his and the Playboy model’s little girl. From her blue-eyed stare in a baby bouncy seat to her trendy toddler outfits and her grown-up smile, you can tell that she looks just like her model mother. It’s heartwarming to see how happy and grown up she seems!

The Kentucky-based photographer also wrote a moving tribute to his little girl. “Happy 17th Birthday Dannielynn! I am so proud of you in each and every way. Wishing you the best day ever !” he wrote in the caption.

“You are funny, crazy smart, pretty and just about everything I could ever imagine,” Birkhead continued. “Your Mom would be so proud of you, I sure am. Happy Birthday! Love Dad ❤️.” Are you crying yet? Because we are sobbing!

In the caption, Birkhead told a sweet anecdote about a request his daughter once made. “By the way, when you asked me if you could live in my basement forever. I said yes, but I didn’t have the heart to tell you there aren’t any basements in Florida 😂 ❤️ #HappyBirthday 🎂,” he said. Their relationship is so special!

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Many people commented on how much Dannielynn looks like her beautiful mother.

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