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Empty hospitals, in spite of a pandemic – how do they fit together?

Currently be shown in the social media, often Videos in which people in hospitals around and wonder why so little operating there, even though we are in the midst of a pandemic. Why not, in spite of the Corona-crisis as many hospitals are at capacity?

The relatively empty hospitals be interpreted by some people so that there is no pandemic, and the crisis was artificially induced. In fact, the utilization rate in many clinics, is currently in normal or even low. Why is that explains Coronavirus expert Professor Christian Drosten, head of Virology at the Charité Berlin in his NDR Podcast.

The water pulls back

The virologist confirmed to the NDR, that is, in fact, many hospitals, including the Charité in Berlin, are in a Phase where there is relatively little heavy COVID-19-cases are on the stations. Highly specialized Teams are waiting day in and day out, the onslaught begins – in the mind of many employees in the health sector hope, however, that the rush fails. Many of them feel – much like a Tsunami as if you were standing on the beach and the water goes back. Now we all know that the water will come back, but no one knew how big the flood will be.

Germany is testing more than other countries

For the low utilisation of the virologist are several reasons for this Drosten equal to of Europe. For one thing, many scheduled operations were postponed and hospital beds for severe cases free. In addition, you have reacted in Germany, early and comprehensive counter-measures initiated. In addition, Germany had. in the Corona-crisis, one of the best Diagnostics around the world In contrast to many other countries, could be prosecuted in Germany, but also in very many cases with mild symptoms and found.

This has, according to Drosten, the successor to the effect that the average age of the Patients in the us than in many other countries, is relatively young, and for younger Infected more frequently a milder course of admission. So the average age of the COVID sun-19-Affected in Germany at the age of 48. This is also one of the reasons why the death figures in comparison to Spain and Italy are much lower.

In addition, the Corona is distributed falls within the Federal Republic of unevenly. While Federal States such as Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia are affected, can spread the Coronavirus in other States slower. According to Drosten Concerned is thought about a laying of Corona in less concerned, more open German länder, in order to distribute the burden more evenly.

The upper limit of the test capacity is reached

Professor Drosten but also indicate that the upper limit of the test capacity was already exhausted. “We need to set it now also realistic to the fact, so confusing the market position in the diagnostics market is that we can’t possibly put on top of it than what we have now,” says the Coronavirus expert to the NDR.

It is likely that in the next time a changeover of the test strategy and targeted tested will success, Drosten. So could, for example, only a Test, if severe symptoms are present or Affected belong to a risk group. Also in Germany the need to adjust figures in the case, on a proportionate as well as General increase in death.

The Situation can change quickly

How quickly the tide can turn, show two Videos of the Italian virologist, Matteo Bassetti. At the end of February Bassetti belonged to the sceptics and claimed on YouTube, the Virus is not dangerous. This Video is in circulation even today and provides a current picture, because the doctor has withdrawn his statements for a long time, as he tells in an Interview with the North German broadcasting in the framework of the research format “strg_f”.

“Now the Situation is different,” emphasizes Bassetti. Within five weeks had developed a remarkable difference. It is a lot of old people with a companion die of diseases, but in the meantime, younger people were among the Victims. “What was wrong at the time, is now no longer true!” You’ve been in Italy a Disaster. “This is not a joke, but a real threat, and it will be a nightmare if one is not prepared,” concludes Bassetti.

What if the rush fails?

If, contrary to the great rush to be Expected on the should ill the absence of houses, many come to the conclusion that the measures were not justified. For this purpose, Drosten: “There is no glory in prevention, so there is no glory in prevention of diseases, commented on, because these diseases are not occurred at all.” In retrospect, one could not know what was prevented. A glance at countries such as Spain, Italy and the United States could help to understand what can do the disease in a comparable System, if the measures take only a few weeks late. (vb)