Facebook knows what they are doing in the network – Here you can delete the data

The "Off-Facebook Activity"-Tool shows users what sites and when sent information about your interactions in the network, to Facebook. Further Details are not apparent. However, it is known that the pages report, if you have you visited and whether you have logged in to an application.

How Facebook advertising-information

Facebook is experiencing for example that you have seen a page with Barefoot shoes. Thus, the probability that the appropriate advertising in your Feed is displayed is increased. This is possible if the pages have a built-in Pixel from Facebook – because it is in the interest of the provider as well as from Facebook, that advertising in your Feed is personalized specifically is played.

User can delete History and turn off

The "Off-Facebook Activity"-Tool, you now have the option to delete the information collected. Even more: you can also specify that information of other sites in the future should not be stored. This is both in the App and on the computer.

Advertising still comes

If you delete the timeline and future activities outside of Facebook to reject, that does not mean, however, that you will see no more ads. There are still as many as before, only they are tailored to you.

Information will continue to be collected

The information about their inter-actions are also collected and stored – they are no longer merely associated with your account. "So we can use it for example to companies about the Performance of your Website, App or Ads to informieren", Facebook explains.

Third-party also provide information

Do not appear in your timeline also companies that you know of? Facebook also receives information from companies that take content and Display data services from third-party vendors or marketing agencies.

Decision to Cambridge-Analytica-scandal

Facebook had announced the function of the year 2018 according to the scandal of the Cambridge Analytica. At the time, it was reported that the company had access to more than 50 million Facebook profiles, the majority of the users knew nothing about it. The Profiles formed the basis for the Cambridge Analytica developed campaigns in US election campaigns.

Trial phase in three countries

Facebook the Tool enabled offered starting in August 2019, initially in three countries – South Korea, Ireland and Spain. Meanwhile, the function is offered also in Germany.

You will need to use the "Off-Facebook Activity"-Tool

App: In the menu, point to settings, and privacy go => Privacy at a glance => Under "Activities outside of Facebook. watch and löschen&quot…=> Under "Your activities outside of Facebook verwalten" you can see the list of pages – the password is queried=&gt again; With "Over the course of entfernen" the History is=deleted > Under "Future activities verwalten" you can exclude the future Store information linked to your account

Online: Logged in on https://www.facebook.com/off_facebook_activity/ go=> The steps are the same for the App

You can find more information here.

How to protect your Facebook Account

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