Flu jab Lloyds 2020: How much is the flu jab in Lloyds this year?

Flu jabs will be made freely available to millions more people in the UK this year in what has been hailed the “most comprehensive flu vaccination programme in the UK’s history”. Flu jabs are available either on the NHS or from certain high street pharmacies like Lloyds. But how much is the flu jab in Lloyds this year

What is the flu vaccine?

Flu jabs are made freely available to millions of people each year on the NHS.

These vaccines help protect eligible children and adults from the flu and its complications.

This year as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, the NHS has extended the list of those eligible for the vaccine.

Who is eligible for a free flu jab this year?

This year you are entitled to get a free flu vaccine if you are one of the following:

  • Adults 65 and over
  • People with certain medical conditions (including children in at-risk groups from 6 months of age)
  • Pregnant women
  • People living with someone who’s at high risk from coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list)
  • Children aged two and three on August 31, 2020
  • Children in primary school
  • Children in year seven (secondary school)
  • Frontline health or social care workers.

Later in the autumn season, the jab is expected to be made freely available for those aged 50 to 64, but more information about this will not be released until later this year.

Where can you get a flu jab?

For those entitled to a free flu vaccination, you are able to get the jab at your GP surgery, a local pharmacy offering the service or your midwifery service if they offer it for pregnant women.

Some community pharmacies, including selected Lloyds Pharmacy, now offer flu vaccinations to those entitled to free jabs.

If you fit the specified criteria, you should speak to your pharmacists for details about your eligibility.

But for those who are not eligible for a free NHS flu jab can pay for it privately at a Lloyds Pharmacy.

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How much is the flu jab at Lloyds Pharmacy this year?

Lloyds Pharmacy offers the flu vaccination in its stores to anyone over the age of 18.

If you are ineligible for a free flu vaccine, you can protect yourself with a private flu vaccine for just £12.99.

You can pre-book these flu jabs or ask a member of staff with Lloyds Pharmacy to see what is right for you.

How to book a flu jab with Lloyds

It is not necessary to book a flu jab with a Lloyds Pharmacy, you can simply call into your local vaccinating pharmacy.

But if you prefer you can also book online here.

The pharmacy advises patients to call ahead of time to check availability and where possible pharmacists in-store will endeavour to help find a time which is suitable to you.

You can also complete the Lloyds Pharmacy flu vaccination consultation online here ahead of your visit with Lloyds Phamarmcy’s online doctor service.

When is the best time to get vaccinated?

The best time to get your flu jab is anytime from the beginning of October to early November.

However, Lloyds Pharmacy outlets offer vaccinations through to March so you are able to visit any time during the winter season.

This year, the NHS has recommended the use of two different vaccinations depending on your age.

For those aged 65 and over, they will have the Fluad jab, while those aged 18 to 65 will have the Quadrivalent vaccine.

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