France extended curfews on the 15. April also

The Coronavirus from spreading further: In Germany, 2071 people have died as a result of Covid-19, 108.193 are currently infected with the Virus. Worldwide already more than a Million Corona cases were registered. Meanwhile, the United States recorded the most cases in the world. All the information about the Corona-crisis you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

In the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic, France extended for more than three weeks of curfew on the 15. April also. State chief Emmanuel Macron wants to explain the procedure on Easter Monday in a televised address, according to the news Agency AFP that the French presidency learned. The number of deaths in France rose to almost 11,000.

For the duration of the curfew, the Elysée Palace on Wednesday evening, no information. It is expected however, with an extension until at least the end of April. The presidential office said that Macron will "to Monday a large number of public and private, French, European and international stakeholders to consult with them about the most important questions in connection with Covid-19 auszutauschen". The TV address on Monday evening will be the fourth President since the 12. March.

In France, a further 541 people in hospitals have died according to the Ministry of health in the past 24 hours. Overall, so far, 10.869 deaths were counted. New hope to the declining number of new inweisungen to the intensive care units.

Since the 17th century. March in force curfew is becoming even more acute: In Paris, all the sporting activities in the public space since Wednesday during the day is prohibited, the local authorities moved in the Metropolitan area of the capital also. Corona-infection through the air? Ferret Experiment in South Korea, provides new insights  

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