Going to spend long hours in a flight? Here’s why you need compression socks

As the name suggests, the socks provide gentle compression to your leg and are tighter around the ankles, to help with the blood flow.

Travelling in flights can be an uncomfortable experience, especially if the travel time is extensive. Sitting for long hours in a cramped space, without being able to stretch your legs can not only annoy you, but take a toll on your health, too. While you cannot get up every now and then, lest you bother a fellow passenger, to flex your leg muscles when inside an aircraft, you sure can wear compression socks. Wondering what these are and how they can help you? Read on.

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What are they?

People wear compression socks to excel in sports, and to prevent injuries and medical conditions. As the name suggests, the socks provide gentle compression to your leg and are tighter around the ankles. They come in different sizes and you can buy them online, or over the counter, but it is best to consult with your doctor first.

The benefits

According to The Physiological Society, sitting for long hours causes poor blood circulation. The decrease in blood flow can cause painful swelling and clots, also known as deep vein thrombosis. It can be extremely dangerous for health. This is when compression socks can help. Be it long flying hours, strenuous desk work or a road trip, the socks help the blood vessels work better. By slightly squeezing the legs, they prevent them from getting achy and tired. The socks also make the muscles relax so the blood can flow freely. If it does not, it can form a pool in the legs and eventually take the form of a clot, which can then break free and travel to any other part of the body. The clot can make it harder for the blood to flow around it, making you feel increasingly sick. Compression socks also prevent the feeling of dizziness when you get up.

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Who should wear them?

Compression socks are best for people who are diabetic and have circulation problems. They are also required if you are pregnant, or spend long hours sitting at work, have to stand for a very long time for whatever reason. The socks are also worn by athletes and pilots.

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