Grim poster begs medics to stop smearing their bogies on walls

Grim NHS poster begs medics to stop smearing their bogies on walls (and wiping their bums with other people’s coats!)

  • Hospital matrons are threatening the offenders with ‘disciplinary proceedings’

Medics have been told to stop wiping their bogies on walls — or face ‘disciplinary proceedings’.

The grim warning, printed out and seemingly stuck on a toilet door, was posted to social media by a junior doctor in the NHS.

It stated that bosses were ‘watching closely’ and would ‘soon know the offender’.

On top of bogies being smeared on walls, the poster also stated that a ‘member of staff’s coat was used to wipe a bottom’. 

The tweet, which was posted May, 15, at 9.16am was viewed more than 15,500 times

Dr Jess Foulkes shared the memo, signed by ‘the matrons’, in response to a Twitter thread requesting ‘peak NHS passive aggressive notes’.

The full poster read: ‘Recently, we have had some incidents to do with the use of this toilet.

‘A member of staff’s coat was used to wipe a bottom and nasal discharge have been wiped on the wall (sic).

‘We are watching this closely and will soon know the offender.

‘Disciplinary proceedings will be undertaken. This is an infection control incident and will be taken extremely seriously.’

The poster also referred to nasal discharge as ‘boogies’.

MailOnline has been unable to verify its authenticity. It has approached NHS England for comment.

Dr Foulkes’ tweet has been viewed more than 15,500 times.

Disturbed and bewildered social media users have shared their horror highlighting that the issues around infection control are ‘serious’.

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