Gwyneth Paltrow Says She Got Oral Sex Tips from Rob Lowe's Wife Sheryl Berkoff

It’s no secret that we believe women should talk about sex — with their partners, with their kids and with one another. With those conversations comes, of course, the understanding that we’re all experiencing similar exciting, wonderful and (okay) sometimes weird things in our sex lives and let us compare notes, feel comfortable knowing we’re all in it together. And, for younger women receiving the hard-earned wisdom of their peers, it’s a chance to learn a thing or two from a wise pal and maybe bypass a bit of fumbling. For a young Gwyneth Paltrow learning about oral sex, it turns out, Sheryl Berkoff (make-up artist and wife to Rob Lowe) was that wise friend, as we found out on the latest episode of Rob Lowe’s podcast, Literally! With Rob Lowe.

Paltrow and Berkoff’s friendship first started when Paltrow was a teen, she said, having met her while she was doing make-up for her mom (Blythe Danner) for a TV movie. And like so many powerful, life-changing female friendships, it was love at first sight: “I met Sheryl, and I was like immediately obsessed with her.”

“She (Berkoff) was dating Keanu Reeves, who was my celebrity crush, and she was so cool,” Paltrow told Lowe, who is also a longtime friend. “And she knew that I was sneaking cigarettes, and she would come smoke with me behind the trailer, and she taught me how to give a blow job, and you know, all the classic Sheryl stuff. I just worshipped her. I thought she was literally the coolest chick of all time. She was so awesome to me. And I was a high school kid. Like, the fact that she’s loved me that much before I was anyone or anything, you know?”

And the blowjob advice? Paltrow, unfortunately, didn’t get too specific.

“It was less about remembering the technique — although I’m sure that I implemented it the first chance I got,” Paltrow said, but ultimately added that it was just great for her, at that time, to have someone to look up to who saw her as a near-adult sexual being. 

“It was so cool to have someone treat me like an adult and see me as like a young woman and someone who is sexual,” she said. “She just made me feel so free.” 

That freedom, luckily for us, has led to Paltrow including a robust approach to pleasure-focused sexual wellness in her life and in her work through Goop (although not all of us are splurging on $15k gold dildos). 

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