Horse fly bites: Signs you’ve been bitten by the ‘horrible things’ this summer

This Morning: Dr Mark shares medical tips for your summer holiday

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Out in full force during the summer months, a whole segment on the horse fly – and its troublesome symptoms – were documented on the BBC. One victim who was interviewed, Amy Reid, told her story. An annual run-in for Amy, this year she thought she had got away with it… until she visited an alpaca farm. “They well and truly got me,” she revealed. Her right foot – where she had been bitten – ballooned.

The swelling caused her right foot to be three times the size of he left foot, and she couldn’t even see her ankle.

Described as a “big, hot, red foot”, the swelling extended all the way up her leg.

When a horse fly creates a wound, you’re likely to experience a sharp prick.

Other bodily signs that you’ve been bitten include: hives, swelling, dizziness, weakness, and wheezing.

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