It's Leo Season — Praise Yourself

Now that Cancer season has tucked itself cozily into bed, we’ve passed the zodiac torch to Leo as the sun shifts into its favorite sign: That’s right, Leo season has arrived. Hit play on some Kate Bush, invest in a time-consuming skincare regimen hat people can ask you about (and they will!) and meditate on all the ways you light up the world like nobody else. Leo’s are confident, proud and when you’re lucky enough to be loved by one  they will protect you in the fiercest, most comforting ways. 

“The essence of Leo energy is courageous, kind, generous, loyal, protective, nakedly honest and entertaining,” as the Astrotwins write about our Lionhearted pals. “Negative manifestations of Leo energy can be arrogant, greedy, sloppy, coldhearted, jealous, aggressive and vain. Leo energy can cause us to upstage those around us, forgetting that each and every person is a valuable member to a team. Yet, we can direct the Leo flair for powerful leadership and let everyone have their spot in the sunshine. Used properly, Leo energy leaves others awakened and revitalized in an empowering way…Leos rule the jungle, and you’re the boss in all you do. Because you’re so powerful, it can be hard for you to find a mate who can keep up… A little worship goes a long way. In fact, you may secretly prefer it that way.”

That energy is infectious and assuring and most of all confident. Now, unfortunately, the grass-fed, free-range capital-C Confidence that Leos just happen to have? It ain’t Maybelline, they are born with it and then cultivate it over time and through many thirst traps. But instead of letting that prenatural talent intimidate you, let it inspire you: How can you inject a bit of that Leo-grade confidence into your own approach to life and love and sex? 

Practice, baby! With some positive affirmations that’ll suit you and Leo season more than you can know. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover you’ve had a praise kink all along. 

A powerful Leo-season internal dialogue is to know on a lizard-brain level that you are worthy, you are good and you are hot and to repeat it until the rest of you believes it.

Take those phrases, mix and jumble ’em up with the things you need and want to hear. What makes you feel good and attractive and sexy? You are a great listener, a sultry dirty talker, a generous giver of pleasure, your grown-out eyebrows makes you look like Brooke Shields in the Blue Lagoon and you have an ass worthy of epic poetry, etc. 

It can feel weird at first to do this — feeling a bit like mental, self-esteem masturbation (and, honestly, pair it with that too!) and like it’s cheese-tastic and lame. That’s fine, play through the pain of that embarrassment and open yourself up to the indulgence because the sun is in Leo, damnit, and that means we check our inhibitions at the door. Once you get really good and comfortable and feel that Leo swagger, maybe introduce it as an activity with your partner: What do you appreciate about yourselves and eachother? (You both are, at least theoretically, big fans of one another’s whole situation, so get to sharing that too!) 

Start working these affirmations — positive reminders that what you do and bring to your love and sex life deserves to be appreciated (if not worshipped) — into your brain’s mental soundtrack and repeat ’til you believe ’em. 

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