Kate Middleton Makes Rare Comment on Mental Health & Talking About Emotions: ‘the Good Ones & the More Difficult Ones Too'

It wasn’t long ago at all that the royals (at least in public) were synonymous with a “stiff upper lip” and never associated with the vulnerability of acknowledging mental health struggles like anxiety or depression. So it really does feel like a progressive evolution for a new generation of royals when the future leaders of the family — including Kate Middleton AKA Catherine, Princess of Wales and her husband Prince William — make it clear that talking about mental health is a priority.

Princess Kate was spotted on a visit to the Anna Freud Centre in London, a science-backed mental health organization she’s a patron of, to celebrate the drop of their new anxiety toolkit for children’s mental health. While chatting and connecting with attendees, Kate even gave a little glimpse into her own mental health priorities.

As Hello! reports that after one person in attendance shared how her love of sports helps her mental health, Kate (who herself, notably, was always an athlete) agreed that the mental and physical parts of being involved with sports can be so beneficial to looking after your brain.

“So much in sport is mental as well as the physical skills and abilities, to have these sort of skills and these sorts of things in your toolbox will really help you,” she said. “probably not just in school but home life and school life and other things as well.”

And Princess Kate went on to commend the group for their work and took to Instagram to share how energized and inspired she felt after the visit.

“I’ve had the most inspiring morning with the Anna Freud Centre discussing all things mental health,” she said. “It is so important that we all talk about our feelings and emotions. The good ones and the more difficult ones too, because we all have them.”

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