Katy Perry Opens Up About A Rarely Talked About Reality Of Pregnancy

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are currently expecting their first child, which is obviously great news. The not-so-great thing? So far the 35-year-old’s copped a slew of pretty unsavoury – although totally normal – pregnancy symptoms. Think extreme mood swings, crying at random moments and a seriously swollen… belly button.

“Do you guys wanna see something gross?” she asked her fans in a recent Instagram Story, before zooming in on her stomach and uttering “disgusting” at her outie. The singer was pretty light-hearted about the whole thing and captioned he video “pregnancy realness” along with a sick-face emoji.

For the record, no part of pregnancy is gross or disgusting! But we totally understand why Katy is feeling far more ‘meh’ than amazing right now (she’s growing a human inside her, after all.)

She followed up the clip with a selfie, saying, “Do you guys wanna see something gorgeous? That’s what you get! It’s a payoff for looking at my gross belly button.”

Thanks, Katy, for never failing to keep it real about all aspects of motherhood – the good, the bad and the ugly!

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