Learn the art of eating right with these essential tips

If you have been wondering about how much to really eat, here's what nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar suggests.

A common question for which we are always looking for an answer is, how much to eat and in what portions. While there are many theories about eating correctly, it can sometimes get confusing when it comes to the portion size. To help understand this better, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram and gave a step-by-step guide to understand what goes on one’s plate.

Answering the most commonly asked question about food. #worldhealthday

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Here’s what she said. “Calories don’t decide how fit or thin you are going to be.”

According to Diwekar, the easiest way of approaching food is to follow the Mental Meal Map. The map consists of three ‘S’ which stand for senses, silence and sitting down. While one should use all their five senses to eat and relish food, they must also make sure that they sit down and eat, and in silence without being disturbed by gadgets.

What’s the best way to pick what you eat?

According to her, the pertinent point lies in first visualising “how much would you like to eat”. “Then start by serving half the quantity. Then take double the amount of time that you would typically take to chew that roti or anything else. Chew it slowly and relish every single bite. And then when you are done with this, ask yourself if you are still hungry. If you are still hungry for one more roti, repeat the process from step 1. Start with half the roti. Eat it in double the time. Feel free to restart as often as you would like to,” she said.

She remarked that since the satiety signals are delayed, it is a good practice to eat slowly. “If you eat too quickly, you will land up stuffing yourself. So, take your time. Learn the art of eating correctly and stopping just at the right time,” she said.

But, what about carbs, protein and fats portions?

Stressing on how traditionally food was much more than carbohydrates, proteins and fats, she stated how food was picked on the basis of being local, seasonal and traditional, which had a direct link with immunity.

For a strengthened immunity, she said, a round plate of food should comprise 50 per cent of grains or millets that might be rice, wheat, jowar, bajra, or ragi. Then 35 per cent for dals or pulses or meats and sabzis and remaining 15 per cent of chutney, raw salad, aachaar or papad.

That’s where the essentials matter. “Khichdi, dosa, parantha are all examples of complete meals because they provide us with wholesome nutrients,” she further said.

Are you eating right?

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