Mechanical thrombectomy significantly improves patient outcomes and quality of life following a pulmonary embolism


  • The proportion of patients with normal echocardiographic RV function increased from 15.1% pre-thrombectomy to 95.1% and 94% had normal pulmonary artery pressures.
  • All-cause mortality was 0.3% at the 48-hr visit, 0.8% at the 30-day visit, and 4.6% at study exit (median = 199 days post-treatment).
  • Patient exercise tolerance and symptoms also improved significantly after treatment. The distance a patient can walk in six minutes increased from 180 meters at 48 hours post treatment to 398 meters.
  • Median mMRC dyspnea score improved from 3.0 at baseline to 0.0 (P <0.0001)
  • The percent of patients with normal RV function on echocardiography increased from 15.1% at baseline to 95.1% (P <0.0001), and RV systolic pressure ≤40mm Hg improved from 28.4% at baseline to 93.9%.
  • Six-month prevalence of site-reported chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension was 1.0% and chronic thromboembolic disease was 1.9%.

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