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Superfood Drink: mushroom coffee for the Energy boost?

In the USA, the so-called “mushroom coffee” is celebrated for quite some time as a “Superfood”. Here too, the hot drink is becoming more and more popular. It’s supposed to have health benefits and performance and increase concentration. But what is the new trend drink can really?

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of the Germans. Although that was the hot drink for a long time as harmful to health, but today we know that coffee is healthier than is often assumed. Special health benefits to have a so-called “mushroom coffee”. That’s true, but really?

Extracts of medicinal mushrooms

As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) in a recent communication, writes, “mushroom coffee” is a coffee of a special kind.

According to the experts, is the hot beverage of extracts of vital signs includes fungi that, in addition to provide caffeine for more energy and concentration.

After all, the idea is not: in the Second world war have been prepared, among others, in Finland, mushroom coffee. The people took advantage of the in Germany based leaning Schiller Lingzhi as a substitute for coffee.

In addition, mushrooms have long been in Natural medicine as a medicine used.

Health benefits proven scientifically

Also in Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can be used “medicinal mushrooms” or “medicinal mushrooms” for a long time with many complaints.

In Germany, consumers can buy consumers the mushrooms in the Internet and at health fairs – in capsule or powder form as a dietary Supplement.

The preparations are intended to increase performance and concentration, support the immune system, the metabolism and the digestion stimulate and help you lose weight.

As the Federation of German consumer explained Central, is fungi a health-promoting effect of a Vital but so far not scientifically proven. In Germany, such products are not approved according to the BZfE as a medicinal product.

Less Caffeine Content

The according to the experts, mushroom coffee is made with various medicinal mushrooms. This slate Schiller Lingzhi (Chaga), Butterfly Turkey tail (Coriolus), Glossy Ganoderma (Reishi), Chinese caterpillar fungus (Cordyceps), and hedgehog-spiked beard, lion’s mane, called, include, for example,. Conventional edible mushrooms, however, are unsuitable.

A Cup of mushroom coffee has a lower caffeine content than regular coffee and is therefore for sensitive people easier to digest and less bitter.

Consumer advocates warn, however, that especially products from Asia can be contaminated with fungal toxins.

Rather discreet taste

In the USA, the “Mushroom Coffee” is celebrated already for a long time as a “Superfood”. However, are referred to in the past few years, many of the old-new ideas on the food market very quickly as a Superfood, because that sells better.

Who would like to try the drink, especially in the Internet find. “Mushroom coffee” is it in portions Packed in different variations, and only needs to be dissolved in hot water. Mostly instant coffee powder is combined in equal Parts with medicinal mushroom extract.

Those who love coffee and its Aroma, it will probably not a Fan of the “mushroom coffee”. The hot drink will taste rather inconspicuous and not to fungi.

Some manufacturers Refine their products with spices such as cinnamon, anise and turmeric and other ingredients such as Guarana, Ginseng, and Maca. (ad)