Pregnant Kaley Cuoco Is Every Mom-to-Be Overwhelmed by Organizing the Nursery

Kaley Cuoco is in nesting mode…kind of. Her and boyfriend Tom Pelphrey are excitedly getting ready for their firstborn baby girl to arrive — and they already had an amazing baby shower! — but they are a little stuck on one thing: organizing the nursery. The Flight Attendant star shared a peek at their messy space, and moms-to-be everywhere are smiling in solidarity.

“He walked in and was immediately overwhelmed,” Cuoco wrote on her Instagram Story Sunday night. Her camera was pointed to the Ozark actor, who was drinking from an oversized cup as he looked at the chaos.

“You said you would help me organize this,” Cuoco says in the video. “And what did you just say right now?”

“Babe, we walked in,” Pelphrey responds, “and the first thing you said is, ‘We’re not doing this.’” Oh, called out! Cuoco laughs and pans around the room. There are boxes, stuffed animals, blankets, clothes, toys, and decorations everywhere. Things are spilling out of bins, scattered over the floor, filling up the crib — it looks like Pottery Barn exploded in there!

“Because you said this was too overwhelming,” Cuoco continues (and, to be fair, it is absolutely too overwhelming!). “No, you said we’re not doing this today first,” Pelphrey defends himself.

Later, Cuoco comments, “I don’t even know where to start.” “Me neither. I really don’t,” he agrees. That prompts another laugh from The Big Bang Theory alum, who says, “OK, we’ll leave it for another day. Bye!” You can tell organizing is definitely not her ministry. And that’s OK — with all the blankets, swaddles, diapers, wipes, toys, clothes, contraptions, décor, and more you need in the nursery, it’s a lot for anyone.

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