This Company Has Thousands of Creative Cloth Face Masks for Adults and Kids — and They're on Sale

Today’s world can be a scary place for the younger members of society who had previously only seen face masks in the doctor’s office or even just on TV. To make the prospect of walking around with the majority of your face covered less scary for people of all ages, online marketplace Zazzle is selling a large collection of both disposable and reusable face masks featuring creative and funky patterns for adults and children. And even though this new daily essential is in high demand, Zazzle is offering customers a discount on all cloth face masks for sale with the promo code TUESDAYZDEAL.

A lot of companies are doing their part to provide necessary materials during the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s beauty brands and baby retailers producing hand sanitizers or clothing brands manufacturing face masks, these companies are playing a large part in helping the public stay equipped to stop the spread of the virus. It’s been a little harder to find kids masks, though, which is why Zazzle’s selection of masks specifically for kids is such a huge resource.

The kids’ masks come in funky patterns and whimsical colorways, like a sparkly cloth mask in “mermaid” theme and one that transforms your mouth into a dinosaur smile. You can even shop customizable kids face masks, adding your little one’s name or uploading your own image to the front, and can choose between cotton, polyester, or non-woven materials.

For adults, the face mask selection is equally as stylistically expansive. If you’re a parent, you may want to pick up a taco-adorned mask or one bedecked with cats in outer space so your visage remains lighthearted for your family. But Zazzle also has a wide array of basic and functional masks — including some minimalistic styles hard to find still in stock online — like a five-pack of disposable cotton masks with secure ear loops or regular disposable face masks made of three-ply non-woven material and elastic ear bands. As with the kids masks, adults can opt for cloth face masks with a filter slot or cotton versions. 

These takes on facial coverings make the necessary precaution less intimidating for kids, but it also keeps society looking friendly during a time we all have to tap into our collective social consciousness to stop the spread of coronavirus. You can see all your choices on Zazzle’s site.

Below are just a few of the thousands of face masks for sale at Zazzle. Shop our favorites, or check out all the options on Zazzle’s site.

Face Masks for Kids

Buy It! Don't Panic Red Typography Motivational quote White Cotton Face Mask, $14.33 with code TUESDAYZDEAL (originally $16.85);

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