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Avoid too short and too long sleep

Too much or too little sleep is associated in humans with greatly increased mortality rates, and the effect on people with type 2 Diabetes appear to be much stronger.

In a recent study of the participation of the Wuhan University and the University of Melbourne, it was found that too little and too much sleep have a negative effect on life expectancy. The results were published in the English journal “Diabetologia”.

Extreme sleep duration is associated with increased mortality

While previous studies have already shown that extreme periods of sleep (too much or too little sleep) associated with increased mortality in the General population, the researchers examined in the current study, the effect of the presence of Diabetes on this relationship.

Data from about 270,000 people were evaluated

For the study, the data of 273.029 adult Participants were analyzed. 248.817 of the Participants were not Diabetes and 24.212 suffered from type 2 Diabetes. The duration of sleep was measured using self-reports. Part of this could be taking, how long they slept on average every day. The relationship between sleep duration and mortality was examined with the help of computer models, with adjustments for demographics, Body Mass Index, Lifestyle behaviors, and clinical variables.

People with type 2 Diabetes were more affected

The researchers find out how the sleeping time on the risk of premature death in people with type 2 Diabetes, the impact of wanted ends. Participants without Diabetes, which slept seven hours, served as a reference group. Compared to this group of people with type 2 Diabetes who slept seven hours, a 42 percent greater risk of dying had. Ten or more hours of sleep at the end of diabetics had a 2.2-fold increased risk, while for participants with type 2 Diabetes, and only five hours or less sleep have a 63 percent higher mortality risk.

Even healthy people should pay attention to your sleep

A similar pattern, although less pronounced, was also evident in the group of Participants without type 2 Diabetes. Compared with seven hours of sleep people five hours of sleep people had a 33 percent increased risk of death. The people slept ten hours or more, your risk of death nearly doubled.

Early diabetes disease increased risk of more

The study showed that the shortest and longest sleep duration in individuals with type 2 Diabetes, where the disease was before the age of 45 years diagnosed, the risk of premature death, more elevated, than in people whose disease was detected only after the age of 45. The influence of the extremes of sleep duration on mortality was, in General, in the case of persons who have been ill for more than ten years of Diabetes, more pronounced than in the case of persons who were less than contracted, ten years of Diabetes, add the researchers.

Why increased Diabetes risk of death?

Insufficient sleep leads to a 40 percent slower glucose-clear learance Rate in the body and activates the sympathetic part of the nervous system, which in turn can deteriorate the Status of a Person in relation to insulin resistance, obesity and hypertension, explains the research group. Probably sleep deprivation is increased in people with type 2 Diabetes, the complications, and affected the control and Management of blood sugar, which leads to an excessive risk for early death, report the researchers.

Further explanations for the increased risk in Diabetes

Sleep is a complex phenomenon and an extreme sleep duration may be a reflection of poorer health status and reduced efficiency. Longer people with type 2 sleep-Diabetes have an increased risk of Mortality, because they are stronger due to Diabetes-related complications, which require more rest or long-term bed rest. Another possible explanation is that a longer sleep duration with chronic inflammation reactions, which increase the risk of mortality, explained the research team. (as)

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