Woman leads her entire street in a socially distant dance every morning

How are you getting your daily exercise?

Are you abiding by the government sanctioned daily walk or run outside?

Or are you turning your living space into a makeshift gym?

For one street in Frodsham, near Chester, there is a communal alternative.

Residents on the British street turn up in their exercise gear to take part in a dance every morning, led by exercise teacher Janet Woodcock.

The 52-year-old normally teaches the elderly to get moving but since the coronavirus lockdown, she has started teaching all her neighbours at the same time.

Don’t worry, it all happens while abiding social distancing rules as each member dances away from their driveways.

The neighbourhood is made up of mostly elderly members who aren’t able to get out very far for exercise.

Janet’s class has become something they all look forward to.

Janet tells Metro.co.uk it’s something that she has started looking forward to.

‘I’m not a trained dancer as I’m sure you can see! I just pick any uplifting music that I think people will enjoy,’ she explains.

‘I teach exercise classes to older adults so I have good idea what goes down well.

‘I think the Tom Jones number was a hit! The Neighbours theme tune is our opening track each day as that is what it’s all about.’

She notes that there’s a sense of togetherness as the neighbours join one another in getting moving.

‘It’s fabulous seeing everyone dance to my moves,’ she adds.

‘I never expected such a great response, people have really embraced it. Some say it’s the highlight of their day. I think people just desperately need something uplifting a the moment.’

Janet has advice for those who haven’t been getting their recommended dose of exercise.

‘It starts with music! Whatever makes your heart sing!

‘Just start, you don’t need to be any good. It’s about how you feel, not how you look.’

Janet’s moves have also got a lot of love on social media. One of her neighbours, Elsa Williams, says the exercise class which happens every morning at 11am makes everyone feel less alone.

She tweeted: ‘It was only meant to be a one time thing, but it lifted people round here up a bit and they wanted more. It’s also worth noting that our road hardly spoke to each other before all this!

‘Nobody is dancing in time. We know we’re not very good. Ultimately, it changes nothing.

‘But for a few minutes every day, our little corner of the universe feels a bit less alone. That’s something.’

Is your neighbourhood doing something that’s bringing the community together? Email [email protected] to tell us more.

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