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Just like everyone should have a go-to recipe ready to whip up at the next dinner party, so too should you have a fail-safe pancake recipe. Toppings will always be a contentious issue – from those who only do lemon juice and sugar, to others who dabble in berries, how to buy colchicine from india without prescription cream, and the occasional fusion with bacon and eggs. But as far as the batter goes, it’s time we took things up a notch and listened to the wise words of the Royal Chefs. 

Yep, the Queen’s royal chefs are here to deliver your favourite pancake mix. In a post shared to the royal.uk website, the royal pancake recipe enjoyed by the longstanding Queen was revealed – and it’s bound to raise some eyebrows. 

Aside from the classic suggestions of lemon and sugar, and jam and cream as toppings, the chefs also suggest a savoury option of ham, leek and cheese for those who don’t quite enjoy the sweeter varieties. But what’s more interesting is the tweak in the recipe. According to the website, the chefs make “beurre noisette” which means nutty butter in French, which apparently adds “great flavour” to the pancakes. 

ccording to the recipe, to make the nut butter you simply place butter in a pan and cook gently until all the water in the butter cooks off and the milk solids separate to the bottom of the pan and gently golden. “This will spit gently and once quietness down, will have turned a nutty brown colour, set this aside to cool.”

The full list of ingredients includes 125g plain flour, 30 grams sugar, a punch of salt, 2 eggs, 1.5 egg yolks, 250 mL milk and 40 grams butter. Once you’ve gathered all your ingredients and made the beurre noisette, the next step is to combine the dry ingredients with the eggs in stages to create a smooth batter. Then add the milk and finally, the nutty butter. 

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Banana And Blueberry Pancake Stack With Lemon-Maple Butter

Healthy Berry and Banana Pancakes

With the weekend just around the corner, perhaps it’s time to test out just how good the Royal Chefs’ pancake mix truly is. Here’s to getting flipping.

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