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Open gyms: So there is no unnecessary Corona-risk

Because of the spread of the Coronavirus, the gyms are closed nationwide for weeks – in many places, the forced break is over now. The Corona measures will be loosened, and the sports center may re-open. Who is now going to train again, you should definitely abide by some rules, in order to protect themselves from infection with the Virus.

Currently, in Germany, as in other countries, many of the measures to contain the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 relaxed. In some länder such as North Rhine-allowed to open, Westphalia, fitness studios again. Sports offers, the Corona-to get rid of pounds again. However, when Training, you should protect yourself against infection with the pathogen.

In front of the Virus and protect the body, not overwhelm

Although most of the people in Germany during the Corona depend-crisis on fitness tips for at home, but in some States the first gyms opened lock after a week-long Corona again.

Who goes to Training, but should follow some rules in order to protect themselves from the Virus and not to overwhelm the body.

The Barmer health insurance Fund in a recent communication indicates.

Masks change when they are wet

“The Training in the gym, you should take multiple masks and switch as soon as they are wet. As you get through the mask of bad air, you should slow down the Training a little and slowly to be the Limit of approach“, says Klaus Mohlendick, a sports scientist at the Barmer.

For a healthy Athlete or a healthy athlete, it was not a Problem, if Breathing through the mask was exhausting. According to the communication, this could train the respiratory muscles even, to some extent, and strengths.

However, persons, the respiratory and circulatory system have already problems, should reduce your workout strong, and better at home, not workout, in order not to endanger the recovery.

In a view in the direction of train

However, a breathing mask offer alone is not a sufficient protection against the Coronavirus. “Like everywhere in the gym, a minimum distance of one and a half to two meters is required urgently to avoid a Corona-infection”, so Mohlendick.

“In addition, the training should be a uniform view in the direction of not take, so that you breathe each other in the face,” advises the expert.

This is important because the mouth may be wet protection quickly and thus its protective function lose.

Not in the face take

When Training in the gym, you should make now to be even more on Hygiene than prior to the Corona pandemic.

This included, among other things, the handles of the equipment and other contact surfaces on the front of the best and disinfect after each workout.

No one should take during training in the face, as a result, the risk of Transmission of the Coronavirus, according to experts, is particularly large. Mohlendick that one should wash after the workout finally, even your hands thoroughly. (ad)