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Corona-antibody tests provide results in minutes

In the case of the propagation of the Coronavirus is a significant size, despite all the Tests so far have not, as yet, completely unknown: The number of people who were already infected. Through newly developed rapid tests can be checked, who already carries the antibodies against the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, and therefore, in the best case, is immune.

One of the new rapid tests for antibodies to the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was developed by a international research team with participation of the Jena Leibniz Institute for photonic technologies (Leibniz IPHT) and to deliver within ten minutes of the results. The Test is already available. In addition, the German physicians ‘ sheet of the admission of an additional antibody reported rapid tests in the United States.

Herd immunity as a critical factor?

Again and again, is called the Corona-crisis, the Reach of the so-called herd immunity as an essential condition for an end to the wave of Infection. But no one currently knows how many people have actually infected already. The new antibody tests can now provide for education. “With the rapid test can rapidly and cost-effectively determine whether a Person survived the disease already and has formed antibodies against the Virus Sars-CoV-2”; the researchers describe the IPHT.

Easy as a pregnancy test

“The Test works as easily as a pregnancy test,” reports the Leibniz Institute for photonic technologies, the development of new more. A drop of blood from the finger tip was applied to a test strip and after about ten minutes dashes to show on the test strip, if one was found of two types of antibodies, the notification of the Institute.

A positive Test is a sign of immunity?

The new test detected the presence of IgM antibodies, which are formed already few days after the infection in the blood, and IgG antibodies, which do not show until later in the course of Infection. The latter usually remain for many months undetectable and to show an existing immunity, explain the researchers. The German medical journal is not a restriction, however, in respect of the currently registered in the United States comparable Tests that determine the concentration of the antibody and therefore there is no certainty that immunity will admit. Presumably, this was given after surviving the COVID-19-disease, however in the rule.

“Anti-body tests provide important information to the understanding and containment of the Corona pandemic,” says Prof. Ralf Ehricht from the Leibniz-IPHT, whose Team is involved in the development, assessment and quality control of rapid tests. Because so far, it was not known how many people were already infected with the Coronavirus, without noticing it, and “we don’t know how many of you are already immune,” says Prof. Ehricht.

Where are we in the crisis?

It was to be surmised that the spread of the new Coronavirus comes to a standstill when about 70 percent of the population is infected, explains Prof. Ehricht. But where in this crisis, we are, remain open. “We need to develop the anti-body tests to learn who is actually immune to it”, calls, therefore, on Professor Michael Bauer from Jena University hospital and member of the management Board at the research campus infecto Gnostics, in which the rapid test was developed.

Herd immunity needs to be determined

“In order to use the herd immunity, we need to measure this also,” says Prof. Builder. Moreover, let, with extensive serological testing to antibodies in a more precise estimate, what percentage of infected people has developed no or only mild symptoms. So it would be obvious, at which point the infection wave that we are, and when the so-called herd immunity could be set.

Test enables risk assessment

Furthermore, the anti body is rapid test is a great advantage for at-risk occupational groups such as nurses and Doctors, because you could assess your risk for an infection with the Coronavirus better. “Who survived Sars-CoV-2 successfully, and antibody has formed, could care for the Sick, without being contagious or at risk”, explain the researchers of the IPHT. However, remain open whether the antibodies show a long-lasting immunity, or this is only temporarily. (fp)