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How dangerous COVID-19 for the brain?

The Coronavirus can be triggered as late extreme damage to the brain and Central nervous system effects, even in mild cases of the disease. Here, further research is urgently needed to understand the long-term consequences of COVID-19 better.

In the case of a current investigation with the participation of the University College London, it was found that the Coronavirus can contribute to extreme damage to the human brain. The results were published in the English scientific journal “Brain”.

42 participants were examined

The current study provides a detailed presentation of the neurological symptoms of the 43 Participants in the age from 16 to 85 years, COVID has been confirmed to 19 or a disease has been adopted.

Coronavirus is damaging to various organs

Initially, it was assumed that COVID-19 relates only to the lungs, and in the meantime, however, there is a lot of evidence that the Coronavirus is also in the other organs suit and massive damage.

Expect an epidemic of brain damage?

The researchers identified an unexpectedly high number of people with neurological disorders that did not correlate with the severity of the respiratory symptoms. This should be taken into account when people COVID-ill 19. It remains to be seen whether it will come in connection with the pandemic to an epidemic of major proportions of brain damage, the Team reported.

What are the diseases occurred?

The researchers identified in their study, ten cases of transient encephalopathies (temporary Brain malfunction) with Delirium. There were also twelve cases of brain inflammation, eight cases of stroke and eight more cases of nerve damage.

Strong, full name of the ADEM

Nine out of twelve cases of cerebral inflammation is an acute demyelinis was diagnosed at the end of Enzyphalomyelitis (ADEM). ADEM is rare and can be triggered by viral infections, and typically occurs in children. In the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, a massive increase in the number of adults with ADEM could be observed. This, according to the researchers, a truly alarming increase.

Virus attacks the brain directly

The COVID-19-causing Virus could be detected in any of the Participating in the brain fluid. This suggests that the Virus attacks the brain directly. Further studies are now required to determine why the surveyed persons have developed these complications.

Complications due to immune response?

In some patients, the scientists found evidence that the brain inflammation was probably caused by an immune reaction to the disease. This suggests that some of the neurological complications of COVID-19 are more likely to be on the immune response than to the Virus itself, due to, explain the researchers.

Long-term consequences of COVID-19 are still unclear

“In view of the fact that the disease is only in the last few months, we do not yet know what long-term damage COVID-19 can cause,” explains study author Dr. Ross Paterson from the University College London in a press release.

How should Doctors and affected individuals to respond?

Doctors and medical staff should be aware of the possible neurological effects aware, since early diagnosis can improve the results of the diseased persons. People who recover from the Virus, should obtain in the case of neurological symptoms professional advice.

Results allow for more optimized research

The study contributes to the understanding of the various ways in which way Covid-19 the brain can affect. This will be in the future treatment of the disease is of the utmost importance, underline the researchers. In addition, the results make clear that in the case of COVID-19-diseases a long-term follow-up period will be necessary. Especially since in other studies increased information on the dangerous consequences of late at COVID-19 were discovered. (as)

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