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COVID-19: Learning with the Corona-to-life Virus

Many yearn for an end to the Corona-crisis and hope for a speedy return to normality. Will disappear, the new Coronavirus, however, is not readily available, and therefore, according to the expert, Prof. Dr. Uli Beisel, University of Bayreuth, Germany, to learn living with the Virus. The key texts of coexistence.

“Protective measures, vaccination, but, above all, a robust health system to enable a coexistence with SARS-CoV-2”, emphasizes Prof. Beisel, in a recent communication from the University of Bayreuth. However, we were not accustomed to co-exist with this Virus. The basic lesson was that “all of us, the high societal value of a robust, publicly-funded and broad-based health system is led in front of the eyes”. The only way a damage-free coexistence with dangerous organisms, such as viruses, could be achieved.

The Virus will not just disappear

“We can’t expect the pandemic disappears after six weeks of physical distance, but we must learn as a society now, with such a dangerous Virus, at least for the foreseeable future – for example, until we have a vaccination have to coexist,” stressed the expert.

Coexistence of an achievement

The Virus will remain among us, his existence would, if necessary, less visible, “because the biomedical infrastructure of hospitals, nurses, sick insurance, etc. protects with the help of a vaccination.” That co-existence is not a harmonious process but rather a literal achievement of the society can be observed by the SARS-CoV-2 Virus in a descriptive way.

Fragile Balance

It is, above all, a remarkable achievement of Biomedicine in the Modern West, that the coexistence of viruses, bacteria and parasites normally calls for relatively few deaths, stresses Prof. Beisel. However, this was also “a Balance that remains fragile and, as Ecologists to cope warn – with dwindling biodiversity also increasingly vulnerable to will be.”

To allow for a public, broad-based and well-funded health care is, therefore, according to the statement, the expert is a crucial factor in the coexistence with pathogens such as the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2.

Social life to reinvent

“From a social scientific point of view, I can only add that the changes in the social life to accompany us a little longer, and our societies will continue to shape”, says Prof. Beisel. It is necessary now to invent social proximity under conditions of physical distance in the society, to learn with the Corona-Virus life.

With regard to the mobility restrictions, the expert said that here also have a negative impact on the course of an epidemic is threatening, as, for example, important resources from other areas to be subtracted, and thereby, the flow of drugs, protective clothing, and medical staff may be affected. (fp)