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Study shows potential of heartburn drug for COVID-19

According to an observational study, which was conducted at Irving, Medical Center of Columbia University (USA), could help a common drug for heartburn by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2-induced disease COVID-19.

In a new study has shown that COVID-19-patients and in -patients in the Famotidine, a common drug for heartburn, and received, a two-fold lower mortality and intubation risk than those who did not receive this medicinal product.

No premature conclusions

“Our results are due to the poor clinical outcomes associated with severe COVID-19-diseases convincing, but it would be premature to conclude to conclude that Famotidine has a protective effect,” says study leader Daniel Freedberg, assistant Professor of medicine and epidemiology at Columbia University in a communication.

He added that in the analysis, although there is a connection between Famotidine and improved results, it was found that there could be unknown factors which could have had an influence.

“Whether Famotidine is as a treatment for patients with COVID-19 effective, is an open question and needs to be investigated in a randomized clinical trial,” says the expert.

The results of the study were published in the journal “Gastroenterology”.

Earlier data from China pointed to better treatment results

Famotidine is commonly used for the treatment of heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

The new study was stimulated by previous studies of Famotidine for the treatment of COVID-19. Unpublished data from Wuhan (China) were, therefore, better results in terms of COVID-19-Patients in the hospital Famotidine revenue.

A computational chemical study with Famotidine, indicating that the drug binds may be a part of the Virus and its reproduction in cells is prevented.

“These reports prompted us to examine the data from our own institution, in order to determine whether there is a connection between the famotidine consumer and the results COVID-19-is there a patient in the hospital,” explained the study’s author, Julian Abrams, Columbia University.

Lower mortality and intubation risk

In the context of the study the health records of 1,620 adults who were admitted with COVID-19 to the hospital, and at the time of shooting were needed, no intensive care, studied. Approximately five percent (84) were given Famotidine.

“In most cases, the reason why Famotidine in the hospital was prescribed was not documented in the medical records,” said Abrams, “but we suspect that the medicine was most prescribed likely for the treatment of heartburn.”

The researchers found that patients who received Famotidine, a two-fold lower Intubation or mortality risk than those not receiving the drug.

In addition, they found that ten percent of the COVID-19 Patients in the Famotidine were on a ventilator were connected or died, compared with 22 percent of the patients who did not receive Famotidine.

The study also considered patients to whom proton pump inhibitors were administered another type of medication that reduces stomach acid.

The scientists found that these drugs were not associated with improved outcomes, suggesting that an effect of Famotidine on the COVID-19-depends on results of suppression of gastric acid together.

Medicine only after consulting a doctor

The current study shows that Famotidine is associated with better results, but only randomized controlled clinical trials can determine whether Famotidine is really effective.

“We do not know whether the intake of Famotidine at COVID-19 is of no Use, and we strongly recommend to consult your doctor,” says Freedberg.

“Although Famotidine is generally considered to be very safe, is not a prescribed or over-the-counter drug without any possible disadvantages.” (ad)

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