Dangerous germs discovered: University clinic, Frankfurt, locks, parts of the intensive care unit

After the discovery of multi-resistant and potentially life-threatening germs has locked the University hospital of Frankfurt, parts of its intensive care unit. As the hospital announced at the weekend, is the pathogen Klebsiella Pneumoniae. Overall, you’ve displayed the City’s health Department five positive patient samples. Three patients are now dead.

For visitors there is no danger

You go out, however, “with the highest degree of probability” that the patient had died due to their severe underlying disease and not because of the proven pathogen. In the case of two other persons, a colonization with the germ had been shown to be ill but.

As the hospital stated, were according to the Fund, all of the patients who were on the affected Station, relocated, isolated, cared for and studied. Scheduled operations were postponed, the Station basic and multi-level disinfected. For patients or visitors to the University hospital, there is no danger.

The bacterium belongs to the people of the normal inhabitants of the gastro-intestinal tract. In other regions of the body it can, however, as the pathogens occur. People with a weakened immune system or with acute infections are particularly at risk.