Despite Merkel’s announcement: Three provinces launch Initiative for further easing

The Coronavirus pandemic, the world will continue to be in respiratory: Significantly more than two million people worldwide are already infected with the Virus 147.496 of them in Germany. All the News about the Coronavirus-crisis you will find in the Ticker from FOCUS Online.

In a government statement, Merkel has criticized the actions of the individual Federal States in the Opening up of the restrictions in the Corona-crisis focus. The implementation of the Opening-up of decisions of the Federal government and the countries of the past week have that effect on you "in Parts very brisk, not to say to forsch", so the Chancellor in the Bundestag. dpa Merkel in her first government Declaration to the Corona-crisis.

Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg want to work together to promote the easing of Corona requirements for restaurants and Hotels, as well as the retail forward. Such a concept should be up to the next round of the heads of government of the Federation and the länder on the 30. April, informed the economic ministries of the three countries on Thursday. In a Ministerial conference on Thursday afternoon should be advertised also in the other länder for the plans.

"In our provinces tourism, retail, hotel industry and gastronomy have a special importance,” the statement said the Minister. Many companies in these industries to be existentially threatened. “That’s why we need now, a well-thought-out, differentiated and between our provinces coordinated approach, especially since the Public in the hotel industry and gastronomy, a mixed strategy is hard to justify."  

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