Dogs properly protect against ticks

With the beginning of spring is also the risk of ticks is increasing bites in humans and animals. Dogs and cats, in the meadows or in the forest roam, are now particularly at risk. The University of Veterinary medicine Vienna provides tips on how pet owners their four-legged friends can protect.

Ticks are already at outside temperatures of 5 to 7 degrees Celsius active. Spring-like temperatures from 15 degrees Celsius to give, finally, the start of the annual tick season. In addition to meadows, forests, Shores of lakes and rivers also include city parks and roadsides of the preferred places of residence of ticks. The blood-suckers lurking about, among other things, on the tops of long blades of grass or in shrubs. As soon as a person or an animal passes by, claws tick on their prey.

Therefore, it is important for dogs regularly after every walk for ticks search. Ticks often in the chest, ears and head area of the animals. The blood-sucker, has bite, but it is important to remove the tick as quickly as possible, the risk of Transmission of pathogens (to minimize the dog’s, especially babesiosis, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis). Even cats with a free passage should be studied every evening for ticks. You can also become infected with various pathogens, such as with Anaplasmosis, Mycoplasmosis, or tularemia.

Ticks remove

  • Ticks are best with a pair of tweezers or tick pliers to remove. To a slight turning movement is necessary.
  • The tick as close as possible to the skin to capture.
  • Make sure the tick is out do not turn to crush!The tick in the garbage disposal.
  • No additives such as alcohol, Oil, or nail Polish remover to use!

Tick protection products für four-legged friends

Because it ticks protection agent in different types and forms and also for different animal types out there, this should be only administered on veterinary advice.

For dogs, there are Spot-Ons, tablets and collars. Which are suitable in the individual case, at best, can only judge a veterinarian. So, for example, some Spot-Ons, when dogs are held together with cats, as the active ingredient is Permethrin, which can cause symptoms in cats to severe poisoning. For dogs that like to swim, should also be on Spot-Ons are waived. The chemical components of the medium can cause damage to the Flora and Fauna of the water. Tablets are, however, less for animals that are sensitive to medications, or digestive problems.


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