Dwayne Bravo ruled out of IPL with groin injury: Know all about the condition

CSK all-rounder from West Indies, Dwayne Bravo, has been ruled out of IPL. Here's everything to know about the injury

Chennai Super Kings all-rounder Dwayne Bravo has been ruled of the Indian Premier League with a groin injury. Defined as a tear or injury to the adductor muscles of the thigh or the muscles to the inner side of the thigh, athletes who use extreme movements like kicking, twisting, running or jumping, are commonly prone to the condition. “It occurs due to heavy pressure on the thighs which results in tearing of the ligament or muscles while jumping, kicking etc., leg twist while walking fast and other such reasons,” Dr Subhash Aggarwal, senior consultant, head of the department, General and Minimal Access Surgery, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute told indianexpress.com.

While they are not usually serious, a severe strain may take quite some time to recover.

A minimum of two weeks of rest is often recommended.

Risk factor

A study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that having a low range of motion in the hip joint is a risk factor for a groin strain. The risk factor increases if an athlete overstrains during training without building the body’s flexibility.

One of the foremost symptoms of an injury is mild to severe pain in the inner thigh. Swelling, bruising and difficulty walking or running can be other symptoms.

While sports or athletic activities often trigger such injuries, a groin injury can also happen due to lifting heavy objects, falling or resistance training.


As per Dr Aggarwal, sports shoes have a major role to play in saving one to some extent from such injury as “they absorb the pressure while kicking, jumping and running”. “Also, it depends upon the physical and muscle build-up according to the pressure a person is taking physically,” he remarked.


The most common and immediate treatment, considering the pain experienced, is using ice and resting to reduce any swelling. Some additional treatments, depending on the severity of the strain, could include heat packs, stretching and massage. “While mild injury can create minor discomfort while walking, severe injury may hamper other tasks. Mild injury it can be healed with ice packs, physiotherapy and other medications while severe injury needs proper treatment and complete rest of the injured part. One needs to consult a doctor as early as possible without delay, and refrain from any self-treatment,” advised Dr Aggarwal.

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