Emily Skye Compares The Differences In Her First And Second Baby Bellies

On Wednesday, Emily shared a side-by-side snap of her baby bump, with each photo taken at the 19-week mark. While her belly looks much smaller in the first pic, she looks just as fit, healthy and happy in pic two.

“EVERY PREGNANCY IS DIFFERENT!!” she captioned the post. “Just like our bodies, lives, fitness journeys etc.. we are all different and comparing is pointless unless it’s just for fun or out of curiosity – just don’t let it steal your joy! (sic)” 

She’s also tells WH she’s seen changes to her mental health. “I’m nowhere near as anxious. I was constantly worried something was wrong during my first pregnancy as it was all new to me but I feel more confident this time.”

“Even though every pregnancy and birth is different I kind of know what I’m in for,” she adds.

It’s not surprising that Emily popped sooner this time around as her stomach muscles had already been stretched out by bub number 1. Still, that’s not to say there’s something wrong if the opposite happens.

Speaking to Health, Patricia A. Evans, NP, CNM, nurse practitioner and certified nurse-midwife explained that the foetus might simply be in a weird position for your second pregnancy (e.g. head up.). Alternatively, you might have high levels of amniotic fluid or even have the wrong due date.

“If your OB provider feels the baby is measuring too large, an ultrasound may be ordered to estimate your baby’s weight,” Evans said. “But the majority of the time, your baby just may be on the bigger side—still healthy and normal.”

It’s always worth checking in with a medical professional if you have any concerns, but what Em said is totally true: every pregnancy is different.

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