Great kids study Covid-19: Virus boy hits harder than girls

For the first time, a Europe-wide study examined the course of Covid-19 in children and adolescents. The researchers risk factors discovered Years for a severe course for 18. Although some of the children on the intensive care unit, dying, very few.

Also, children can become seriously ill at Covid-19. It happens, however, much rarer than in adults, and ends in the majority of cases with a complete recovery, as an analysis of data from 82 health centres in 25 European countries shows now.

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The researchers Florian Götzinger from the wilhelminen hospital in Vienna, investigated the cases of the 582 positive for Sars-CoV-2 tested children and adolescents in the age from three days to 18 years. They published their results in the renowned journal “The Lancet, Child and Adolescent Health”.

No child under ten years of age died after infection with Sars-CoV-2

They found: Only about eight percent of infected children and adolescents (48) had to be treated in intensive care units, mechanically-four percent (25) were ventilated. For comparison: The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) estimates that the Rate of all people who need to be hospitalized in Germany, is at 17 percent. Götzinger et al. / Screenshot study number of Covid-19 sick children by country: Green means no infections, dark Red that there are more than 50 cases were.

Died of the 582 under the age of 18-Year-old four. “The study confirms that Covid-19 in children is a mild disease, although some have needed intensive care. Death is rare. Pre-existing conditions such as cancer, heart or lung diseases are associated with a more severe course in connection. No child under ten years of age died,“ summarizes epidemiologist Keith Neal of the University of Nottingham.

Factors for a severe Covid-19-course in children

However, not only pre-existing conditions increased the risk for a severe course. The researchers were able to account for on the basis of the data collected from the in addition, the following risk factors:

  • The age of less than a month
  • male sex
  • the presence of symptoms of a lower respiratory tract infection during the initial presentation

These characteristics according to the study, most frequently on the children who have intensive needs medical care.

Where to put children and young people with Sars-CoV-2?

The researchers also tried to find out where the children were infected. In the majority of cases they were infected, therefore, in the own parents (56 percent), four percent of the cases, it was most likely a sibling to the most. In the remaining 40 percent it was a Person outside of the family or the origin was unknown.

Also, patients with a ratio of 1.15:1 more common in male children than female. To intensive care for 48 children, 15 of which are girls (31 percent) and 33 boys (69 percent) came to a total of.

First study of its kind, with potential for improvement

In the present study is the first comprehensive cohort analysis to Covid-19 in children and adolescents. Epidemiologist Neal, however, to bear in mind: “This study examined only children who were so sick that the hospital was justified.”

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