Where is the Virus? Drosten, brings a new approach to the Corona of origin into the game

The exact origin of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is also still unclear. Sometimes a fish market in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan as a place of origin. A bat-lab stand for a time in suspicion. The Berlin-based virologist Christian Drosten, however, comes to a very different evaluation.

Although the Virus was a bat Virus, said Drosten in an Interview with the Austrian broadcasting Corporation. You know, one of which is the bat genus in the Coronavirus had come, and to know the geographical origin of the Virus. The virologist keeps bats but not for the source, but rather for an intermediate host.

Drosten suspected raccoon dogs as a source of SARS-CoV-2

"I think there is a Tierquelle", takes Drosten more. "It was found in the old, the first SARS-Coronavirus civets Virus-positive, but also raccoon dogs." Those raccoon dogs in China is an industry. "As you could speculate about it, to find whether there is perhaps a source of wäre", the virologist.

Those who worked on those markets, are often bred to the places where the animals and sold. "Maybe angesteckt&quot someone;, the virologist suspected. You don’t know, however now this could only clarify China. dpa/Julian Stratenschulte , A raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides).

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Researchers in China hold bat lab for possible place of origin

In mid-February, two Chinese scientists published a study in the Online database research gate. In the Paper you write, you think it is possible that a laboratory in the centre of the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan was responsible for the outbreak of the Corona Virus, only 300 metres from the fish market, at the time of the first Coronavirus cases were reported, has been researched in a laboratory to viruses in bats. Getty Images/iStockphoto bats wear as the host animals with a high viral load, illness, but apparently not

Next, the researchers in China, bat used the caves as a hunting ground. Virus hunters sought under difficult conditions after traces of a previously unknown pathogens. Would be analyzed in Wuhan. Thus, the connection between the bats and Wuhan could be explained. However, there were the animals, at least at the time of the investigation, not at the fish market.

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Chinese study disappeared all of a sudden – a fish market is considered as the origin

Explosive: The study of the Chinese researchers disappeared shortly after the publication from the database.

The Coronavirus was transmitted to the experts, first of all, from one wild animal to the people, before the Virus adapted to its new host, and it came to Transfers between people.

So far, the fish market, the place of the first transmission of the Coronavirus from animals to humans, and therefore also as the source of the Virus.

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Drosten advises in the Corona-crisis, with its Expertise, the Federal government. Known, the renowned virologist from the successful NDR Podcast, there are only twice per week. The presenter Korinna Hennig said in the 35. A result of the "Coronavirus-Update" from the Friday. Was justified the further slowing of the rhythm with the high workload.

NDR Podcast "Coronavirus-Update" with Christian Drosten

Drosten said, at the beginning of the Format, he can get much knowledge, in the meantime, he need for the discussion of new scientific studies, more time to prepare. He wanted to maintain a high level of quality. Finally, the Podcast appeared three times a week, at the beginning of each working day.

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The Podcast is now available for the Grimme Online Award nominated. For listeners, he had a "Instanz" developed, explained to the Jury. He’ll give the virologists Drosten enough space to talk about current studies, symptoms, or possible counter-measures – "and as a result of new developments, to korrigieren". The Podcast will be after the end of the period, very often for the award are proposed.

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