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New approach to tackling hair loss and baldness

If the hair is thin, many of them feel Concerned extremely uncomfortable. For a long time, therefore, hair growth agents, which counteract the hair loss and balding. A newly identified microRNA may be the key to success.

The discovered microRNA (miRNA) promotes hair regeneration, and a promising candidate for the drug could be in development, according to the research team of North Carolina State University from its current study results. Was published the study in the journal “Science Advances”.

Dermal papilla cells

Hair growth mainly depends on the health of the dermal papillae cells (DP-cells) that regulate the growth cycle of the hair follicles, explained the research team. The vitality of the DP cells, the hair thinner. This hair loss with different treatment methods to counteract, which range from invasive surgery to chemical treatments. However, they are usually relatively costly and do not lead in addition, often the desired result.

Hair follicles do not disappear

From recent studies of the hair loss is not known that the hair follicles disappear on a bald head, but only to shrink, reports the researchers are more. Would it be possible to strengthen the DP cells at these Points, again, could also recover the follicles, so the hope of the research group.

90% of hair coverage achieved

The researchers cultivated two different forms of DP cells (DP-cells alone, and DP cells involved in a Keratin structure). Then, you studied in mice, such as the two forms of DP cells grew sections in comparison to the commercial Hair products Minoxidil. In the study, mice in the DP-cells in the Keratin structure can be achieved after 15 days, a 90-percent hair coverage, according to the research team.

With the DP cells in a Keratin scaffold, the best performances were achieved, as the spheroid (spherical structure), the micro environment of the hair mimetic and the Keratin-diene scaffold as an anchor to keep you in the place where they are needed, explain the researchers.

Increase in hair follicle growth

In further studies, they tried to determine the miRNA that are involved in the process. MiRNA are small molecules that regulate gene expression. The research team identified miR-218-5p as a miRNA, which enhances the molecular path, for the promotion of hair follicle growth. In addition, they found that an increase in Mir-218-5p promotes hair follicle growth, while inhibition leads to a loss of function of the follicle.

MiRNA to promote hair growth use

A cell therapy with the DP cells in the Keratin could the scaffolding be an effective treatment for hair loss, but cultivation of these cells, first, and connect to be injected in the corresponding area, explained the research team. The discovered miRNA could be used as active ingredient in drugs used then as a cream or Lotion application. “Future studies will therefore focus on exactly this miRNA to promote hair growth to use,” conclude the researchers. (fp)

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