IVF clinics reopen: When will IVF clinics reopen?

Matt Hancock is due to announce at this evening’s daily briefing that IVF clinics across the country will be allowed to reopen later this month. It will come as a huge relief to couples whose appointments have been postponed indefinitely, fearing they could miss their last chance to have a child.

When will IVF clinics reopen?

Mr Hancock is due to make the following statement this evening, according to the Evening Standard: “Now that we are past the peak, I am delighted to announce the restoration of fertility services.

“People who are relying on fertility treatment have been worried during these unprecedented times not knowing when they could continue their journey to start a family.

“We wanted to open these clinics as soon as it was safe to do so.”

The reopening of clinics will not be exempt from strict social distancing rules, expect to remain in place for much of the rest of the year.


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Clinics that choose to reopen will be required to set out a strategy to show they are meeting the conditions to stop any potential spread of coronavirus, particularly within a medical setting.

That will include strict social distancing in waiting rooms and telephone appointments where suitable.

Staff will also need to wear appropriate protective equipment.

Earlier this week, rules surrounding keeping eggs, sperm and embryos were changed.

The length of time they can now be kept for is 12 years, up two years longer than the previous ten years.

The news comes after Boris Johnson returned to the podium yesterday after his battle with COVID-19 to announce the UK has passed the peak of coronavirus infections.

Speaking at the Downing St daily briefing, he said: “I can confirm today that, for the first time, we are past the peak of this disease.

“We’re past the peak and we’re on the downward slope.”

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He said the Government would set out its plan for lifting the lockdown next week, adding: “We’re going to have to beat this disease by our growing resolve and ingenuity.”

Reiterating that his administration is being “guided by the science”, he explained: “I will be setting out a comprehensive plan next week to explain how we can get our economy moving, one, how we can get our children back to school, back into childcare, second, and third, how we can travel to work and how we can make life in the workplace safer.

“And, in short, how we can continue to suppress the disease and, at the same time, restart the economy.”

The Government is sticking to the five criteria that must be fulfilled before lockdown can officially end, as outlined by Dominic Raab last month.
Mr Johnson said: “We must be sure that we can continue to protect the NHS and its ability to cope.

“Number two, we must see a sustained fall in deaths.

“Three, we must be sure that the infection rate is falling.

“Four, we’ve got to overcome the operational and logistical challenges on testing and PPE.

“Fifth, and this is the most important, we must all make sure that the measures we take do not risk a second spike that would overwhelm the NHS.

Mr Johnson implied the UK had survived catastrophe, saying: “We’ve come under what could have been a vast peak.”

More than 26,000 people have died in the UK, now the second-highest death rate in Europe, not far behind Italy.

Lockdown regulations are due to be reviewed on May 7.

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