Living with children ‘could protect you from catching coronavirus’ say experts

Having your children at home could help to prevent you from catching Covid-19, experts claim.

Kids usually catch every bug going round school, including seasonal coronaviruses.

But, a new study of NHS workers found that adults with young children – that being under 11 years old – had a reduced risk of catching coronavirus.

They also had a lower chance of being hospitalised with the illness.

The study, which has not yet been peer reviewed, found that households with children over the age of 12 had no lowering of risk compared to childfree homes.

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The research looked at the homes of more than 300,000 NHS workers in Scotland.

And, the experts running the study said: "The risk of hospitalisation with Covid-19 was lower in those with one child and lower still in those with two or more children."

They claim that "children are relatively protected from novel coronavirus infection”.

While we do not yet fully know why it seems kids develop differential exposure to the bug and this could be passed to grown ups.

The authors said: "There may be non-specific ‘training’ of the innate immune response as a result of increased exposure to childhood vaccinations and respiratory viruses."

Despite this, there has been a growth in the number of teens and young people catching coronavirus in England.

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Those aged between 17 and 24 have seen the biggest jump.

The average age of death from Covid-19 is 82.4 years.

Research fellow in virology at Queen's University Belfast, Grace C Roberts said that there were other factors which could cause the data to show a lowered risk for adult with under 11’s.

She said: "It is well established that age and other illnesses, such as diabetes and kidney disease, can be a big factor in how severely ill a person with Covid-19 becomes.

"Other factors that need to be considered include the fact that adults with children are more likely to work part-time or reduced hours due to childcare, and this may limit their exposure to Covid-19 through their work."

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