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Movement: is Allowed to train with a respiratory disease?

Actually, it always is, that you should move a sufficient amount of, also to strengthen the immune system. However, during the cold Season, many people suffer from respiratory diseases such as a cold. It is then recommended to?

Exercise is important for a healthy body and mind, but if it is cold, many people feel sickly and think about whether you really should put on the sports clothes. Dr. Daniel Montero, a sports physician from the renowned Mayo Clinic (USA), gives some tips on when you should train.

In the case of “Complaining about the neck” can be trained

“Movement is medicine,” says Dr. Montero in a recent post. According to the doctors is it okay to train in the “symptoms above the neck”, such as a blocked or runny nose, Sneezing or mild sore throat,.

“Sports can even help you to feel better by, for example, your nasal passages are open. You may want to reduce the intensity and length of your training sessions and group activities limit,“ says the expert.

For example, go for a walk, to run instead. “Any amount of exercise brings benefits,” says Dr. Montero.

In the case of certain symptoms, bed rest for to comply with

If you have a fever, to body aches or the exhaustion of suffering, it is, according to Dr. Montero, at best, a few days bed rest to be observed are decayed to the symptoms.

“We recommend that you move the workout to later, when you have symptoms “below the neck” such as chest discomfort, dry cough, and stomach upset. And if you have a fever, give your body a few days to rest and recover,“ said the doctor.

“A fever is the way your body tells you that you have to be slower, and it is important to listen to your body.” If you have recovered, you begin with the Training in a reduced Form.

Coronavirus: Not with multiple sports

The current recommendations for social distancing around COVID-19 should be taken into account. This means that currently there will only a maximum of two persons can exercise together.

If you drive to the home of Sport, do not forget to devices such as exercise bikes, Weights, weight bench and yoga Mat to wipe.

And make sure that you cover the fluid requirement of your body. “Drink when you are thirsty, but be aware that you need to heat more fluid,” says Dr. Montero.

You speak with your doctor if you have concerns, or when playing sports additional pain or symptoms. The exercise guidelines of 150 minutes of exercise per week. (ad)