Mum with size H boobs left with crippling pain crowdfunds for breast reduction

A mum who has been left in ‘crippling pain’ due to her size H breasts is now raising money to get a reduction.

Kelly Michaud, 26, has been experiencing ‘horrendous’ back problems for more than a decade.

The mum from Yorkshire says her large breasts brought unwanted attention as a teenager and she has since tried several methods to minimise the looks and the pain.

Kelly spoke to her doctors who told her to lose weight but even after dropping two stone, she struggled with acute back pain.

With her requests for a breast reduction denied, Kelly decided to take matters into her own hands.

The mum has started crowdfunding, hoping to raise £10k to go towards a private reduction surgery.

With the average price of breast reduction costing up to £6,000 in Yorkshire, Kelly will be left some extra cash if she raises her target which she hopes to help others with their reduction.

Kelly, who is 5ft2 and now weighs 10 stone, says her breasts are a size 34H and weigh half a stone in themselves.

She wrote on her GoFundMe page: ‘For years since my teens I have suffered with horrendous back problems, bras digging in my shoulders, sores under my boobs and constant unwanted attention and questions about the size of them.’

When she met with her GP, Kelly was told to lose weight then try professional extra supportive bras. 

‘I spent £240 on bras to help try and reduce my back pain and sores but it didn’t work,’ she said.

‘I did physio and started the gym to train and tone but nothing helps.

‘I was rejected for surgery by my Clinical Commissioning Group due to them not feeling I was suffering enough! I always feel I should cover up. How many tears should I cry before they help?

Kelly considered going abroad for cheaper alternatives but decided against it.

She said: ‘I have searched all over to find anything to help me get my breast reduced even looked into traveling abroad but the stories are scary! 

‘I am now asking for everyone’s help and much needed support to help me and others get the awful weight lifted off are shoulders!’

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