Next milk recall in Germany – now also bear the brand affected

According to Weihenstephan, the company bear brand milk now calls nationwide.

How "Product" reported, it goes to the callback of the article “bear brand fresh milk”, 3,8% of fat, 1L with the date of minimum durability 30.11.2019.

As the company explained, was for routine microbiological controls in individual packs of contamination
Bacillus Cereus found. This can lead to health problems such as diarrhea or vomiting. The resistant bacteria can remain even after the cooking.

The cause of the contamination was identified beyond doubt, and in the meantime fixed. A defective valve that was immediately replaced, has resulted in the affected production period to the contamination. The goods are from this period
as a precaution, locked. The technical cause was immediately eliminated, so that the production was subsequently resumed without the risk of the Product.

The following bear brand products are affected

Article: The fresh milk, 3,8 % fat, 1L
MHD 30.11.2019
Charge: 308
Time: at 16:33 to 23:59 PM

Article: The fresh milk, 3,8 % fat, 1L
MHD 30.11.2019
Charge: 309
Time: 0:00 to 3:52 PM

All the other batches and items are not affected.

Supplying trade companies have immediately reacted and the product is already taken as a precaution from the trade. Consumers who have one of the specified item purchased, get also without presentation of the receipt for a refund of the purchase price in your shopping sites.

Consumer inquiries are answered by customer services Hotline Tel. 49 6543 503 604, as well as [email protected]