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Dangerous bacteria in hand cream discovered

It is a bacteria, harmful to health contaminated hand cream is currently in circulation, warns that the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety. The manufacturer has started a recall for the cosmetic article. The bacteria in hand cream can enter through small wounds and infections or irritation. The cream should not be used.

The company Heinrich Hagner GmbH & Co calls the cosmetics product “Elcurina Intensive hand cream with Shea butter & Allantoin“ back. The affected items are identified by a batch number 00760 to. The number is stamped on the crimp of the Tube is inserted.

What kind of bacteria it is?

In the context of micro-biological self-checks of the manufacturer, an increased number of the bacteria was found to be “Pluralibacter gergoviae”. These bacteria belong to the genus Enterobacter, which can cause a wide range of diseases. An infection can manifest itself, for example, by blood poisoning, various infections, or a urinary tract infection.

Where was sold in the hand cream?

The article was offered in the Federal States of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Brandenburg, Hesse, lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. As the manufacturer reports, have been removed the affected products from sale.

Where can be given back to article


Anyone who has purchased the above hand cream, you don’t should use it, but at the respective place of purchase to return. The purchase price will be refunded back without presentation of the receipts. The company Heinrich Hagner GmbH & Co apologized for the inconvenience in your customers. (vb)

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