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Allergen-proof: recall on chocolate product

The company TRIBALLAT NOYAL has started a recall for the product “hemp dessert is chocolate” and the brand “SOY”. According to the company, it has been demonstrated in the Allergen milk. This, however, is not declared.

According to a consumer information, published by the Federal office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL) on its Portal “” the company TRIBALLAT NOYAL, the article “hemp dessert is chocolate” and the brand “SOY” the date of minimum durability (best before date) 10. July 2020, according to the evidence of the undeclared Allergen milk.

Product not to eat

The information, according to the chocolate product was sold by the 02.06.2020 to 06.06.2020.

Customers who have purchased the appropriate chocolate Dessert, can this in any of their shopping sites. The purchase price will be refunded, without submission of receipts.

In consumer information, it is not recommended to eat the products with the above-mentioned date of minimum durability.

Allergic Reactions

Especially people with a milk Allergy should refrain from any consumption.

As the public health portal of Austria’s ““ is stated, can show up in people with a milk Allergy after the consumption of dairy complaints to the lips, mouth, throat, nose, and lower respiratory tract, skin and eyes.

The gastro-intestinal tract, the lungs and the cardiovascular System can be affected as well. Common reactions include:

  • Tingling in the mouth, pampiges feeling
  • Itching and swelling of the mucous membranes along the “SIP road” (from the lips to the Anus) and the skin (Hives, delayed Flowering of eczema)
  • sudden shortness of breath (allergic Asthma)
  • allergic shock

People who have eaten the above mentioned products and symptoms of an allergic reaction to cow’s milk proteins have, it is recommended in the consumer’s information to apply for a suitable treatment to your Doctor or your doctor. (ad)

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