RKI-Vice-President reflected virologists speaks with a clear statement: “Totally unrealistic,”

In the daily Update of the Robert Koch-Institute, Vice-President Lars, what a pity has given an Update on the happenings around the corona virus in Germany. A statement of his microbiologist colleague, Alexander Kekulé, he called, however, “completely unrealistic”.

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According to Lars, what a pity, the Vice President of the Robert Koch-Institute, the testing capacity for the Coronavirus in Germany, in spite of regional bottlenecks. He saw no Problem, he said at a press conference on Monday. The output locks in Italy and Spain in favour of the expert: "Basically, everything is good, what brings distance between people."

In Germany, we must see whether the measures that show effect. "You would have to look after ten to twelve days if these measures greifen", so what a pity. Speculation about possible long-term consequences of the Coronavirus he called "Einzelberichte", about which there is still no structured evaluations. "You can not rate yet." dpa/Thomas Frey, Lars what a pity

Also, what a pity warned of so-called private "Coronapartys", invited to apparently, partially will. "Please don’t do this and restrict the social life ein", the RKI-expert called.


What a pity contradicts Kekulé-statements on the RKI press conference clearly: "Completely unrealistisch"

To the of Alexander Kekulé in "Anne Will" referred to the number of 3000 people who could infect an infected child, said the specialist in Microbiology and epidemiology of Infection significantly. "This number is certainly completely unrealistisch", what a pity said. Kekulé had explained on Sunday evening, that a child, in the case of the Coronavirus will not be recognized, and I plugged in after eight weeks, about 3000 people. The chain is exponential, so the micro-biologist; the could each do the math.

200 to 300 of the above-mentioned 3000 people would end up in the ICU. If you assume that about 0.5 % of those Infected would die, would run the Virus in 15 people lethal, so Kekulé. "I think that everything that was there failed says." Screenshot ARD Alexander Kekulé was a guest at “Anne Will”.

What a pity disagreed with his colleagues clearly stated, however, that children will be infected in contrast to first assumptions, definitely. Children would rarely develop visible or with severe symptoms. What role do children play in the transmission of the infection, is not according to the RKI-Vice-President clarified yet. You could, however, appear definitely as a Carrier of the disease. The imposed school closures, he finds plausible.

RKI-Vice-President sends appeal to the population: "You are going to continue to Blutspende"

On the question of whether the interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced measures recommended by the RKI, answered, what a pity, that one would actually not recommend a single action. You give evidence that it is a good idea to bring a greater distance between the people and to keep a distance. "What action is then taken, is not our Mandat", the Vice-President of the RKI.

Finally, the Vice-President of the RKI encouraged to continue donating blood. What a pity, said that he think it is on the one hand, the people from large collections of remote. Where blood is donated, there is a special Hygiene. "You are going to continue to donate blood, because that is wichtig", he appealed.

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